Welcome to My Downey Family Dentist
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Our Dental Care Philosophy

Everyone wants a beautiful smile. At My Downey Family Dentist, our aim is to make it attainable with as little hassle, pain, and cost as possible. From healthy gums to strong, teeth ready to last you a lifetime, our dental team does every thing in its power to deliver the care and education that translate directly into healthy smiles and happy patients for years to come.

Why Choose My Downey Family Dentist

In our dental office in Downey, CA our goal is to set ourselves apart with friendly and affordable care, focused on the high quality treatment you need (and nothing you don’t). We do everything in our power to make every patient a partner in their own care. That starts with educating you on the best ways to keep your teeth strong and healthy, but it also means listening, to understand your needs and provide the care and service that gives you better teeth, better oral health, and greater confidence.

All of our dentists and dental hygienists are trained to make the most of modern dental equipment and the latest techniques and procedures. But ultimately, it’s our dedication to quality care and comfort that make a difference. Whether you’re visiting for a routine cleaning or a more complex procedure – you’re always in good hands in an environment designed to make you comfortable. Why? Because going to the dentist shouldn’t be a pain. At our office in Downey, we aim to make it a pleasure.

By providing all the care you need, our dental practice does everything it can to give you a lifetime of great dental health.

Dental Services at My Downey Family Dentist Include:


Get whiter teeth in just a couple hours with in-office teeth whitening.


Get the smile you've always wanted with cosmetic dentistry in Downey, CA.


We offer dental care for the whole family. Learn more today.


sTake the stress out of dental treatment with gentle, low-impact sedation


Get straighter teeth the convenient and invisible way, with Invisalign.


Crowns and bridges can be used to permanently fix or replace damaged teeth.


Improve the look and strength of your teeth at the same time with porcelain

Laser Dentistry

For patients that dread the drill, lasers can be used for many procedures

Periodontal Disease

Your gums are central to good oral health. Get checked for gum disease toda