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Dental Implants in Downey, CA

Years ago, when a person’s tooth (or teeth) were damaged beyond repair from decay, infection, or injury the only thing to do was to simply pull them out. Today, advances in modern dental technology make the reality much different for any patient facing the need to replace one or more teeth.

Our dental team in Downey, Ca has become a local leader in the techniques used to compassionately provide dental implants that restore your smile with strong, natural-looking, and perfectly functioning replacement teeth. If you live in the Downey area and are wondering how dental implants could help improve your smile, we can help! Schedule a consultation today to learn about your options.

Dental Implants: Natural Looking, Natural Feeling

Dental implants were created to provide patients with a strong foundation for replacement teeth that look just like natural teeth. However, one of the greatest advantages of dental implants has nothing to do with looks, but with functionality.  On top of your replacement teeth looking like perfectly healthy and natural teeth, you will also be able to eat just about anything. This ease makes dental implants one of the most sought after solutions for replacement teeth

“What are Dental Implants?”

One common misconception is that “dental implants” are the actual replacement teeth. This is not the case. Dental implants are actually small titanium posts that our dental team surgically installs in your jawbone in place of missing teeth. These titanium posts eventually replace your tooth’s root system.

Bone in your jaw gradually bonds with the titanium posts, creating a strong foundation for your artificial teeth. After implants are installed, artificial teeth are attached to small posts in the gums.

The Different Kinds of Dental Implants

There are a few different kinds of dental prostheses that are used for specific treatment scenarios. These include:

Removable Prosthesis: a removable prosthesis (also known as an over denture) can be removed, and often attached to a ball-in-socket or bar attachment.

Fixed Prosthesis: a fixed prosthesis is semi-permanent, and can only be removed by your dentist.

Single Prosthesis: used to replace a single missing tooth, with each prosthesis attaching to its own titanium implant.

Partial Prosthesis: A partial prosthesis (otherwise known as a fixed bridge) replaces two or more teeth and can sometimes use fewer dental implants

A complete dental prosthesis: A complete prosthesis replaces every single tooth in either jaw, with the number of implants depending on the type of prosthetic that is used.

Why Many Patients Opt for Dental Implants

Many patients opt for dental implants over other dental restoration techniques (like bridges, or partial dentures) for a few distinct reasons. First, there’s convenience. Some patients simply do not want to deal with the inconvenience of cleaning and caring for a removable restoration like a partial denture. Other times, the decision comes down to the impact a restoration could have on a patient’s facial structure, or the difficulty involved in replacing a tooth in a particular location. On top of this, many patients who would otherwise be a candidate for dentures simply prefer the more permanent nature of dental implants.