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Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment in Downey, CA

Here’s the thing about root canals. They have a bad reputation, but they don’t really deserve it. When it comes to root canal treatment, most people think that pain is the name of the game, but that’s not necessarily true.

The only pain today’s patients experience is from the underlying toothache caused by the need for a root canal. The goal of any modern root canal is to actually relieve you of that that pain.

“What is a root canal?”

‘Root canal’ is actually the name for a space inside of your tooth comprised of the pulp chamber (inside the body of your tooth) and a main canal. Inside the pulp chamber, under your white enamel and a hard layer of dentin, is the pulp. The pulp inside your tooth contains nerves, blood vessels, and tissue. Early on, it’s function is to help the tooth grow throughout your development. However, after the tooth is fully formed, it can survive without the pulp and is instead supported by the surrounding tissues.

Why You Might Need Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is required when your tooth’s pulp is infected and inflamed. This can occur for a number of reasons, but typically involves decay, damage such as a deep crack or chip, or too much dental-work to the same tooth. When this damage is left untreated, it can often result in the most common symptom experienced when you need root canal treatment: pain. if you’re experiencing any sort of pain with your teeth, you should always consult your dentist.

In other cases, the need for a root canal can  also manifest as an abscess, which takes the form of a pimple-like blister on your gums (generally near a source of pain).

The Most Common Symptoms of the need for Root Canal Treatment Include: 

  • Constant pain or pressure
  • Pain that comes and goes, particularly when you bite down or apply pressure to a tooth
  • Swelling of your gums
  • Your gums are sensitive to tough
  • You experience sensitivity to hot or cold liquids that persists even after you’ve stopped drinking or eating

Will Endodontic Treatment Hurt?

One of the most common misconceptions in dentistry is that root canals hurt. The reason this misconception exists largely stems from the fact that local anesthesia has been improved upon greatly when compared to years past. Before we had access to modern local anesthesia, root canals treatment hurt. Unfortunately, many patients still think this is the case.

How Root Canal Treatment Eliminates Your Tooth-Ache

Despite a reputation for long, involved, and painful treatment. Modern root canal treatment is actually not much more involved than getting a filling. Typically, the process only takes one visit to the dentist’s office and only requires local anesthetic – though some patients desire some mild form of sedation dentistry.

During the procedure, you can expect our experienced endodontic specialist to gently remove the tooth’s nerve and pulp from the pulp chamber using specialized equipment. Next, we will often use a purpose oriented medicine placed directly in the pulp chamber to ensure that bacteria is thoroughly cleared-out.

Once the bacteria in your tooth’s root canal has been cleaned out, the root canal is sealed with an almost rubber-like material and shut-tight with a temporary filling, which will eventually be replaced with a crown or permanent filling depending on your individual needs.

If you’re experiencing any of the symptoms mentioned above, you might need a root canal. For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact us today. The faster we can treat an affected tooth, the less likely it will be to impact the healthy teeth that surround it.